Elize Ryd, membre du groupe Amaranthe, se confie sur Tixup

Nadia M. // 20 March 2011 

PHOTO DE Elize Ryd, membre du groupe Amaranthe, se confie sur Tixup

Après avoir réussi à avoir une interview avec Jake E. du groupe Amranthe que nous vous invitons à découvrir à travers cet article, Tixup! a aussi réussi à avoir une petite interview de la belle Elize, seule membre féminin du groupe. Si vous souhaitez découvrir l’interview en français, n’hésitez pas à nous le demander afin de vous l’envoyer.

Tixup: Can you tell us who was Elize before joining Amraranthe ?
Elize: I was a fulltime working Cabaret/show -artist, and professional dancer.

Elize Ryd - Amaranthe

Elize Ryd - Amaranthe

Tixup: How did you join the group ?
Elize: I was really good friends with Jake E and Olof, we spent a lot of time together and instead of playing playstation or watch movies we composed music, that has always been, beside my job, my biggest interest!
Anyway, Jake and Olof started this new project, and asked me to record the female vocal lines, it wasn’t decided who was gonna take part in the band, or if they even wanted female vocals in every song, but after putting up the songs on myspace and after the really good respond, I decided to become a fulltime member of Amaranthe and quit my job as a showartist in june 2009.

Tixup: As soon as the name of your group is shown in the program of the Mediterranean Festival of the guitar, several Tunisians discovered Amaranthe thanks to some songs found on the Internet, so what do you expect from them in your concert in Tunisia ?
Elize: I expect it to be the best Amaranthe concert so far! :) I really looking forward to meet the Tunis audience, I have a special love to them since that my best friend is half Tunisian, half swedish ;)

Tixup: Do you have any advice for girls/woman who wants to join a metal group ?
Elize: Follow your dreams. Don’t try to sound or be like someone else, find your own style, and stand for it. Something I have learn is that you can’t listen to what everybody says, I get a lot of comments regarding I’m a girl, and that girl don’t belong on the metal scene, but that’s just bullshit! Anybody can make it, no matter what sex you are, and I can write just as good music as a dude. And of course I would be really happy to be joined by more girls out there on the metal scene, that’s something I really miss, so please get the thumb out and start a band, NOW! ;)

Elize Ryd - Amaranthe

Elize Ryd - Amaranthe

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