Interview exclusive du groupe de rock Amaranthe

Amaranthe est un jeune groupe Suédois/Danois de power/mélodique death metal, formé par Jake E. Lundberg. En ce moment, ils ont à leur actif une démo, de 4 chansons, intitulé Leave Everything Behind dont le premier single est Hunger. Les membres du groupe sont : Jake E. (Vocal), Elize (Vocal), Andy (Screams), Olof (Guitar, Keys), Morten (Drums) et Johan (Bass). Le groupe sera présent dans le Festival Méditerranéen de la Guitare et ce, le Samedi 26 Mars 2011 à La coupole d’El Menzeh.

Voici, en exclusive une interview avec Jake E. en anglais. Si vous désirez l’avoir en français n’hésitez pas de nous contacter.

AmarantheTixup: As soon as the name of your group is shown in the program of the Mediterranean Festival of the guitar, several Tunisians discovered Amaranthe thanks to some songs found on the Internet, so would you give us some information about the history of the band?
Jake: The journey started when me and Olof decided to form a project where we wanted famous artist from the « Gothenburg Metal scene » to join forces on an album. Before we even got there we asked Andy to just help us out with some screams and it was the same story with Elize.
I remember I called Andy one day when the mix was done of the song he helped us with and just told him that « you’re in the band » haha, and I don’t think we even asked Elize to join actually, It just was something that fell naturally in place.
Olof (Guitar) and Morten (Drums) shared the same buss as they did a tour together with Nightrage.
Olof and Morten became good friends and a year later or something as Amaranthe (Avalanche at that time) started to be more than just a project in the computer. Olof Directly said that we’re gonna have Morten Behind the drums 🙂
So we asked him to join the band. To complete the line-up we then asked our good friend Johan Andreassen (ex.Engl) to join the band.

Tixup: Could you introduce us each member in the band. And how they contribute to make Amaranthe so famous especially in Europe?
Jake: Without making a fool out of myself I must say that every band members in this band is one of the top musicians in their profession.
Not many Drummers can do what Morten does.
I’ve never heard a better screamer then Andy.
And I don’t need to say anything about Elize do I?
Everyone strive against the same goal and that is what’s making Amaranthe what it is today!

Tixup: It’s original to have three vocals in a metal band and especially a woman with two men, so how do you decide that?
Jake: Well. As I said in a previous question it was all a coincidence. But after we listen to the first demo, me and Olof just wanted to form a band around it!

Tixup: The video of “Hunger”, one of the singles in your album “Leave everything behind”, is seen more than one hundred thousand times on YouTube. Why you choose to release especially this song before revealing your album?
Jake: At that time as we released « leave everything behind » we were on tour with Kamelot.
We still negotiated with the labels but needed something to show to the kamelot fans so we decided to release two demo songs recorded at Studio Fredman on our own independent label.
We just picked two strong songs and who knew that a year later hunger would be the first « official » single with an awesome video 🙂

Tixup: Did you hear about Tunisian revolution? If you did, what do you think about it?
Jake: The Swedish press has had it as the top news for two months now and as we’ve been booked for the festival for a long time, it has been natural for us to keep up with the reports.
We support the people fight for independence and freedom and hope that their fight for democracy will make a new start and a better future for the Tunisian people.

Tixup: Now that you have European fans, even Tunisian fans, what do you expect from your concert in Tunisia?
Jake: We’re all trilled to come down to Tunisia. To meet the fans we’ve got there and hopefully we’ll gain some new fans too.

Tixup: What represent for you to play in a concert just before Symphony X?
Jake: I’ve always admired Symphony X and is gonna be a blast and a great honor to open for them!

Tixup: Thanks for your attention. Do you have anything to say for your Tunisian’s fans?
Jake: Thanks! I just hope that we all will have a great time at the gig!

Auteur de l’article : Nadia M.

Passionnée par l'art de la critique, je me nomme Nadia Marzouki, agée de 23ans, actuellement étudiante en master de recherche en Marketing. Mon profil de "marketeuse" m'a poussé à faire des recherches dans de multiples domaines tels que la publicité, la culture, le business international, les sciences naturelles, la psychologie, la sociologie et tout ce qui se termine par "gie"... Eperdument exaltée par la lecture des livres comme ceux de Paulo Coelho, Marc Levy, Guillaume Musso, Anna Gavalda... ceci m'a permis de me concentrer à mon tour sur l'écriture. Passionnée aussi par l'astronomie, j'essaye toujours d'etre up to date quant aux événements qui se déroulent dans la cité des sciences. En résumé, je suis une mordue de télévision, d'événements culturels et de lecture de tous genre de livres; je suis impatiente de commencer à écrire pour Tixup afin de partager mes découvertes avec les lecteurs.

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