Interview Exclusive du groupe de Rock Freak Kitchen

Nadia M. // 16 March 2011 

PHOTO DE Interview Exclusive du groupe de Rock Freak Kitchen

Freak Kitchen est un groupe Suédois de Heavy metal, composé de trois personnes, à savoir : Mattias IA Eklundh (Guitare et chant), Christer Örtefors (Basse et chant) et Björn Fryklund (percussions). Malgré que le groupe ait annulé son concert en Tunisie, le leader Mattias Eklundh alias IA assurera quand même la soirée du Mercredi 23 Mars 2011 au centre culturel et sportif d’El Menzeh 6. Mise à part ses interprétations, il va aussi inviter un des jeunes guitaristes tunisiens à l’accompagner sur scène.

Freak Kitchen : groupe de Heavy Metal

Freak Kitchen : groupe de Heavy Metal

Voici, en exclusive une interview avec IA en anglais. Si vous désirez l’avoir en français n’hésitez pas de nous contacter.

Tixup: In spite of the cancelling of your group in Tunisia, you will come to assure the concert by giving the chance to one of the young Tunisian guitarists to play with you. What do you expect from them?
IA: Nothing more than having a good, relaxed time on stage for a tune or two together on stage. We really wanted to come with the band but all kinds of annoying logistics put that to a serious halt. We will be in Tunisia with Freak Kitchen sooner or later for sure.

Tixup: we guess that your new solo album, Freak Guitar-The Smorgasbord, is either wrapped-up or in its final stages. Can you tell us more about this album?
IA: I am working hard on it every single day when not travelling. It will take a few more months before completion since I want to include everything I’ve learned and experienced since the last album, Freak Guitar – The Road Less Traveled. I am getting there though and am very happy with what is coming out of the speakers. Hope you will dig it too when the time comes.

Tixup: What did your influences, in the beginning of your career?
IA: It started with Kiss (I wanted to drool blood, spit fire and blow things up. It was not about the music). Then I discovered Frank Zappa and it turned everything completely upside down. After that the first Metallica album made a huge impact on me, then Django Reinhardt, Slayer, Miles Davis, John McLaughlin and many more.

Tixup: What are the important points in your musical career?
IA: I try to keep my ears wide open and very liberal. I hear music everywhere and in everything. It is an ongoing task, to create music, as original and personal, and it feels like I merely begun…

Mattias IA Eklundh : Guitariste du groupe Freak Kitchen

Mattias IA Eklundh : Guitariste du groupe Freak Kitchen

Tixup: We know that sometimes you play guitar with some weird things (like telephone mobile or even a masseur vibrator), will you do that in Tunisia?
IA: You never know! I have cut down a little bit on all the devices, it got too much after a while but… You never know, you never know.

Tixup: Can you reveal us some songs that you will play in the concert in Tunisia?
IA: I always improvise and shape what I play after what the audience “needs” for the time being. It will only be me and my iPod on stage (packed with backing tracks). Never plan anything ahead. We’ll see, we’ll see… I truly look forward to it though.

Tixup: Did you hear about Tunisian revolution? If you did, what do you think about it?
IA: You started a massive wave of splendid things around the planet, o brave Tunisians. I trust it is a bright future lurking around the corner.

Tixup: Seen that you have Tunisians Fans, what do you expect from your concert in Tunisia?
IA: I simply want to have a groovy moment together and am grateful that I have been invited to come and play. It is a shame that Freak Kitchen couldn’t make it this one around but I will do my utmost to make it up to the fine Tunisian freaks!

Tixup: Thanks for your attention. Do you have anything to say for your Tunisian’s fans?
IA: See you next Wednesday, thank you for your attention. Until then, take care.

Freak Kitchen anime un concert en Tunisie

Freak Kitchen anime un concert en Tunisie

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