Using Two Computers on a Satellite Router

If you live in an area that is not covered by telephone or DSL services, then satellite internet service is a great option for you. The equipment needed for satellite internet service is quite similar to the equipment that is used for cable or DSL internet services. If you have used either of these types of services before, you most likely already have the equipment that you will need to have your service installed and activated.

Satellite companies will actually offer package bundles for their customers that will include both internet and satellite television. Typically, the equipment from the satellite provider will be able to offer both services. Sometimes, your satellite receiver will have an internet router built in, which will allow you to connect two computers at a time. When your satellite receiver only allows one Ethernet connection at a time, you will need a router to complete your installation.

Following are steps for using more than one computer on a satellite router.

Step One
Take the coaxial cable from your satellite dish and plug it in to the “line in” port located on your satellite internet receiver box.

Step Two
Plug in one end of the Ethernet cable into the “line out” or “Ethernet” port. Plug in the other end of the cable into the port that is labeled “port one” on your internet router.

Step Three
Plug in separate Ethernet cables into “port two” and “port three.” Then, plug the other end of those cables into the Ethernet port on the back of each one of your computers. Your internet router will allow up to five connections that are hardwired and an unlimited number of connections that are wireless.

Step Four
Turn on both the satellite receiver box and the router. Turn on each one of your computers and then insert the software disk that you received from your Satellite ISP. Following the on-screen demands, install your software.

Things to Remember:

– Read and accept the EULA, or end user license agreement.
– Know the megabyte usage limit before you agree to a plan. Do your research!
– Pick a plan that will slow down your bandwidth rather than one that will cut you off or charge you an extra fee for each megabyte you use above and beyond your limit- it can really add up!
– Make sure that you clear out anything that is blocking your satellite’s exposure to the southern sky to ensure that your satellite internet will work properly.
– Think about bundling your satellite internet service through your satellite television or telephone services to save some money.
– Never use more than your specified bandwidth usage amount unless you know what you are going to be charged for it.
– Know that when the weather is severe or you have cloudy conditions, your satellite internet service may be affected.

Some things, such as playing games or streaming videos or music can be difficult, if not completely impossible with satellite internet service.

You must have a certified satellite installation specialist to install a satellite that will receive and send data according to the FCC guidelines.

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